Being blatantly defiant of the system is idiotic, this will show your weakness and the system will then Play You. You must understand the system, obide by the rules, obtain the position of power, then change the rules. You Must Play The Game.
- @dmtqueen

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I let people walk all over me. I scare people away with my feelings. I expect too much from others because I give others too much. I depend on others for happiness when I can’t find my own.”

This is still relevant.

this is basically me

Swe someone has alredy written my biography

I love u all

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September 21st, 2014- Fe(males)

One major thing I’ve struggled with this year has been female friendships. Sometimes saddened by the directions these relationships tend to head, I renew my attitude by realizing it is only reasoned through logic, hope, and content that everything happens for a reason- the universe has and will provide explanations and direction.

Most of my experiences with females have been 50/50. Half positive, half weirdly pessimistic. My intuition typically enlightens me of others moods, feelings, and intents have I stayed sober. With girls I become the most anxious around because I understand the female nature to be typically defensive and sometimes superficial or maybe even ego based. I never understood why this was.

Maybe the girl is protective of her male priorities?

For I do not understand why. I suppose this resonates from an ego based perspective as it is a form of superiority complex. I will get personal by saying I have a complete inferiority complex which I’ve seen in action multiple times so it is pretty hard for me to grasp why girls feel the need to be protective of men when around me. I am respectful to their interests and I may be nice to them but would never cross the logical boundaries.

Illogical possession is uncomfortable and a reflection of that persons unsatisfaction with where they are in their own lives.

Possibly the girl prides herself on her exterior looks and feels threatened, for whatever reason?
(Partially why I’ve decided to abstain from wearing make up. It looks unprofessional and hasn’t helped my search for employment but I am happier)

Could the female be bi/lesbian and possibly be attracted to me, but know I’m straight so they manifest their frustration with this reality by sabotaging me in juvenile ways?

This is the situation I encountered THE most this year. It makes me uncomfortable just as much as the female is annoyed. I do not apologize or explain my sexuality anymore, as I’ve learned this will only further agitate them. I’ve unfortunately come to understand I must branch away from these people, let the friendship breath, re establish civility, and maybe return to a humble regeneration once the sexuality tantrum has passed. I suppose the riff in this friendship is completely due to my fault. But it is not a fault, it is my responsibility to respect my own body, my sexuality, and my friendship with this person. Because as I type this; this isnt the most peaceful way to handle overwhelming females attracted to me, this is how I have and should continue handling all of those who are attracted to me, male and female.

I guess this is over. Just had to voice something I was contemplating.

The biggest thing anyone can take from this is be aware of the patterns of behavior. Your patterns, friends patterns, your moms patterns. These will tell you all you will ever need to know, and how to react.